Lexor Rebrand Concept

About This Project

I was asked to work on some iterations of a brand refresh for the company that I currently work, Lexor, Inc., a pedicure spa chair and salon furniture manufacturer. The concept presented was eventually scrapped as the appetite for a refresh disappeared. Nonetheless, this is a favorite concept that I believe demonstrates an exceptionally solid answer to the goals set forth by the Brand/Marketing team:

  1. Modernize the logo and the logo system
  2. Focus on making the brand look younger to appeal to a millennial group that is approaching our target age demographic (30-45)
  3. Soften the brand image to align more with the Nail & Beauty industry and away from the Manufacturing industry
  4. Convey the idea that Lexor is a company that involves itself in social good projects focused on improving the Nail Industry
  5. Inspire action that drives higher sales for the company as well as inspire positive action in supporting our community