UNAVSA-11 Conference Branding


Graphic Design Lead

About This Project

Volunteered for a Graphic Design Lead position with the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations during the Fall of 2014 and worked collaboratively with another graphic designer to create the design aesthetic and marketing visual language of UNAVSA’s 11th annual leadership conference. At the time, the prevailing brand colors for UNAVSA as an organization was a teal green and a rich true blue so we combined these colors with that year’s conference theme which was “Together, Lets Fly!” The theme was chosen to create a sense of Unity and to convey the message that the only way to achieve new heights is to work together as a community and as a unique way to drive that message, we used the hot air balloon as our focus. More specifically, we chose to use multiple air balloons floating in the air as if they were participating in a Hot Air Balloon Festival because at its core, the conference allows us to celebrate our experiences as Vietnamese Americans while we strive and fly together to reach our common goals.